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The future

The Happy Valley web site celebrates 20 years of service in summer 2016 - it was one of the first million or so web sites available in 1996; today there are literally billions of sites. I started out with a couple of dozen pages, now there are around 1,000, with over 50,000 page hits per month! The technology has moved on tremendously over the years, both in the method of displaying pages and the languages and techniques for writing them. Many pages are now dynamic, created on demand from a database, and capable of being maintained on the road via smartphone so enabling instant update.

Thank you very much for using the Happy Valley web site, please keep coming back! I hope it provides you with the information you seek. If you would like additional information to be made available here please let me know, or send it to me for inclusion!

Tim Boddington, Webmaster, May 2016


Happy Valley - the future ...

Your webmaster is noticing the passage of the years! (Iadmit to being somewhat over 70) I recognise that there is a need to hand over to someone younger and brighter. So if you have an interest in maintaining a highly popular web site which has a great following from the people of Bollington, then please drop me a note - webmaster at happy valley. This is a task for someone with an interest in the town and its community, its people, and then getting the information together on the page. It will be of less interest if you want to design and build web sites from a technical point of view.

I also recognise that the site has not kept up with the fast changing capabilities of modern web site technology. I am not an artist and so my pages tend to be textual rather than artistic. With this in mind I am now giving thought to how to go about a significant facelift for the site. At the same time I will need to introduce new techniques for construction and maintenance and it will become largely database driven with dynamic pages.

Watch this space!