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... is of a certain age, and somewhat older than the picture suggests. Besides my wife, children and grandchildren, I am interested in my house & garden, canals, railways, my PCs and my town of Bollington, but not necessarily in that order! I live in Bollington and I am retired from my professional career in IT of more than 26 years with a well known multi-national. I now spend much more time with these and other interests such as ...

Here are a few pointers into my interests:

Bollington, the Happy Valley!: www.happy-valley.org.uk
The Macclesfield Canal: www.macclesfieldcanal.org.uk
Boddington family: www.boddington-family.org.uk
Adkins family: www.adkins-family.org.uk

Twitter accounts:

Personal @TimBoddington
Bollington @HV_Bollington
Macclesfield Canal @macccanal

I don't use Facebook because of security concerns and their privacy practices.


I give many all digital presentations each year to canal societies, Probus groups, WI, ladies groups, and others on a variety of subjects:

Macclesfield Canal (two versions: one for canal societies, another for others)
Rhine, Main and Danube Waterways (two versions: for canal societies, for others)
Caledonian Canal (suitable for all audiences)
Dutch Waterways (suitable for all audiences)
Bollington History (selection from the historic picture collection, of most interest to local people)

If you would like one of these presentations please email me. Bookings taken up to 18 months ahead. All times of the day or evening can be accommodated. I am now restricting 'out and back in the day' trips to the local area, say 20-30 miles around Bollington, longer in the day, shorter in the evening. If you are at a longer distance do email me and we can discus, but I am likely to be available only if I can fit a short holiday around the trip, and therefore it must be in spring, summer or autumn.

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