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Bull's Head, Church House Inn, Cock & Pheasant, Crown Inn, Cotton Tree, Dog & Partridge, Holly Bush, Lord Clyde, The Turners, Poacher's Inn, Springwood Park, Spinner's Arms, Vale Inn, Windmill,

Old pubs, Brewers,


Restaurants: Bayleaf (Indian), Briscola (Italian), Lime Tree Restaurant (English), TAPA small plates (English), Viceroy (Indian),

Pub restaurants: Bull's Head, Church House Inn, Cock & Pheasant, Holly Bush, Lord Clyde, Poachers Inn, Springwood Park, Vale Inn, Windmill Inn,

Cafés: The Green Café (High Street), Café Waterside (Clarence Mill), Brassington's Café (West Bollington), Luca's Café (Ovenhouse Lane)

Accommodation (Bollington and surrounding area)

Hotels: Hollin Hall, Shrigley Hall, Premier Inn

Pubs: Church House Inn

B&Bs: Red Oaks Farm, Harrop Fold Farm (Rainow), Common Barn Farm (Rainow), Robin Hood Inn (Rainow),

Holiday cottages: Cheshire Hunt Holiday Cottages, Kerridge End Holiday Cottages (Rainow), Harrop Fold Farm (Rainow), Common Barn Farm (Rainow),


Bollington Library, Bollington Live! (online editions), Bollington Town Hall (web site), Town Clerk, Quality parish Council, Bridgend Centre, Cash, Cheshire East Council,  Discovery Centre , Estate Agents, Schools, Library service, Map, Medical services, Post Offices, Public loo/toilet, Town Council, Neighbourhood Plan, Police, Recreation Ground, Rooms for hire, Remembrance Service, Remembrance pictures 2010, Parliamentary and local election 2015, Destination Bollington,


After school clubs, Bollington 'University', Churches, Drama & Music, Ex−Military Services, Medical services, Miscellaneous, Political parties, Post Office, Pre−school playgroups, Public services, Schools, Senior citizens, Sport & Leisure, Youth organisations, Police, Community gardens, SSAFA, Friends of the Recreation Ground,

Bollington Initiative Trust (BIT)External link

Bollington Live! > back numbers available online!

Political parties | Parliamentary election

St John's School Parent Teacher Association,

Sea Cadets' annual Duck Race,

Bollington & District Horticultural Society, Community Garden,

Well Dressing, Walking Festival, Easy walks,

New interests and organisations

If you are starting a new social or other group please let me know about it and I will provide you with a page and home page promotion to help you get going. Email me.

Civic Society

Meetings programme, Essence of Bollington,

Short history, Historic Triangle, Dr John Coope MBE,

 Discovery Centre  > Opening day, Picture archive, Books for sale

The Town, a place of many parts

Neighbourhood Plan,

'Old' Bollington, West Bollington, Bollington Cross, Lowerhouse, Kerridge, Gnathole, Ingersley, Origins, White Nancy, Recreation ground, Streets, The Nab (hill), Hall Hill, Middlewood Way, Macclesfield Canal,

Developments: Cumberland Drive, Hall Hill, Hurst Lane wharf , Lowerhouse, Waggon & Horses, Ingersley Vale, St John's Church, Waterhouse mill, Water Street Centre,

Conservation areas > Bollington, Kerridge, Macclesfield Canal, Bollington Cross

Clarence Mill footbridge,

Family tree project,

Town Hall

Representation, Town Clerk, Bollington Town Council web site, What's On

Town Councillors,

Tourism (Destination Bollington!)

Claude Harlington MBE


Kerridge Ridge & Ingersley Vale Countryside & Heritage Project (KRIV), White Nancy, Kerridge books, Kerridge Bantams, 1900,

Sculptor: Alfred Gatley (1816-1863)

Pott Shrigley

Rose Queen | Modern pictures


Books, Historian/Author, Loo, Wallpaper pictures, Green web server, Privacy Policy

Coming soon - slowly!

Bollington history > mills, people, houses, shops, industry, (this is a big project so it might be a while coming!). Below are some of the pages presently available. Please note that some of these are as yet incomplete.

Churches - Kerridge Wesleyan, Methodist, St Gregory's,

Houses - Bank, Ingersley, Mount, Oak Bank, Rookery,

Industry - Extractive, Radions, Rally Road, Kerridge Wharf and Stone Saw Mill

Manufacturing - Radion's, Lustrolux, Sceando,

Listed buildings, Clarence Mill chimney,

Mills - Adelphi, Beehive, Bobbin (2), Bollington, Clarence, Cow Lane, Defiance, Fulling, Higher (2), Hough-hole, Ingersley, Kerridge, Lower, Lowerhouse, Oak Bank, Owlhurst, Rainow, Sowcar, Turner Heath, Waterhouse, Waulk, Whitaker's, Mill ponds,

Miscellaneous - Bridewell, Brewers, Old Pubs, Festivals, Macclesfield Canal, Greg Fountain, Railway, Redifussion,

People - Antrobus, Rev. J A Aston, Beeley (Arthur), Rev. R Norton Betts, Bonson, Brooke, Chadwick, Chatterton, Coope, Gaskell, Gatley, Greg (Samuel), Greg (Amy), Harlington, Harrison, Holmes (Bryon), Jackson, King, MacCullagh, Pleeth, Robertshaw, Ryle, Shatwell, Simpson, Stewart, Stone, Swindells, Turner, Warburton, Warren, Wright,

Obituaries - Coope (Dr John), Holmes (Bryon), Harlington (Claude), Pleeth (Harry), Warren (Richard),

Schools - Lowther Street school,

Shops - 1928 recipe & quotation book,