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CEC are responsible for all aspects including drains, potholes, gritting, lamps, street cleaning, anti-social behaviour, abandoned vehicles, waste collection, dog fouling, recycling, litter, community safety, etc.

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Neighbourhood Policing Unit contact:
    Macclesfield & Bollington: 0845 458 6371, email
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Police non-emergency number: 101

Please call this number to leave a message for the Neighbourhood Policing Unit (NPU). Please give your name, address and contact phone number if you can. However, if you want to leave information anonymously then please do so.

Community Action Meetings

The Police and Bollington Town Council have reviewed the value of continuing the CAM meetings. This was because some meetings have been very poorly supported by the community. There have been occasions when three police officers have met a couple of Bollington councillors, the webmaster (who is also a Home Watch coordinator) and a few members of the public. This level of attendance did not justify the expensive (always in the evening) police time. As a result the CAM meetings have been cancelled.

The fall off in public interest was actually a recognition that the activities of our Beat Officer and PCSOs, currently Jenny O'Reilly, have been highly successful in reducing the crime in Bollington. We thank them for all the hard work they do to get to those who would commit crime in the town and steer them away from such behaviour.

Homewatch areas

Bollington presently has more than twelve Homewatch areas but it is time we had more, lots more. About 40 groups would be needed to cover the whole town. The local Coordinators met the Cheshire Police Homewatch Manager, Jane Thirsk, and various steps were agreed that will hopefully increase the number of areas. If you would like to know more then please contact Jane Thirsk.

What is Homewatch?

Homewatch* is a scheme that was originally brought from the USA in 1982 by the then Chief Constable of Cheshire and first tried out in the rural village of Mollington to help residents become more aware of their surroundings and the goings on in their street. By noticing unusual activity and reporting that to the Police it was hoped, and has been proven, that theft from homes and businesses, and car crime, can be significantly reduced.

The scheme immediately led to a reduction in crime and an increase in the arrest rate of miscreants. As a result of this success Homewatch has been introduced all over the country and taken up by countries all over the world.

Each local scheme generally encompasses a street or a close or a group of small streets. My own area includes just eight houses in one street which logically fit together in one group.

* Homewatch is also known as Neighbourhood Watch in some areas.

Why do we need more Homewatch groups in Bollington?

See this! Excellent 4min Home Security video from Cheshire Police

and then have a look at Operation Golden and the Golden Door Hanger!

Every town has its crime problems. Fortunately in Bollington there are generally very few. One reason for this is that the community is alert to the problems and we have a very good PCSO who gets about and speaks with people on the streets. But we need to make the best of every opportunity to crack down on crime.

Homewatch is a great scheme for extending the long arm of the law into our own streets without the need for more police. It enables us, the public, to use our eyes and ears for the benefit of the police.

We presently have more than twelve groups in Bollington, with others likely to be established. We need to cover the whole town, and there is no reason why we should not be able to do this. All it needs is volunteers to co-ordinate the groups to get the scheme running all over town. There are now more than 600 groups in the Macclesfield police division.

How does Homewatch work?

At the outset, when a new group is established Jane Thirsk, the Cheshire Constabulary Homewatch Manager, will visit the group in a convenient home and describe the scheme, showing you how watchfulness can lead to identifying the activities of troublemakers such as burglars, con merchants, car thieves and many other undesirables.

Watching each other's homes while folk are away is a very valuable service members can perform for each other. Jane shows how this can be done without being nosey and getting you a bad reputation!

SignEach Homewatch area is marked by one or more signs, you've probably seen them; a rectangular sign with a triangular Homewatch logo on it and the words 'HomeWatch'. These signs are very well known to the criminal fraternity and they will often decide, very wisely, to go and look for pickings elsewhere. The signs cost £31 each (at 12/2003) which includes fixing it to an appropriate lamp or other existing post. This cost has to be carried by the members of the group - as little as a couple of pounds each.

How do I start a new group in my street?

Send an email to Jane Thirsk at her Knutsford office and she will send you some introductory information. You then need to discuss your ideas with your neighbours and see if there is a general interest in a Homewatch scheme in your street. Arrange a date for Jane to come and see you all and invite the neighbours to come and listen to her - you'll enjoy it!

One member of the group will need to volunteer to be group coordinator - like a secretary to the group, providing Jane with a point of contact. The coordinator should also create a list of all the participants, their addresses and contact information. It is helpful if the coordinator has email so that they can receive Jane's regular bulletins as quickly as possible. These can be distributed by email to those members of the group who have email and it will be necessary to print a copy for anyone who doesn't have email. Coordinating a group is a very simple task and it takes very little time.  Now have a look at the other pages in this set - the links are at the top of the page.